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I work at a nursing home and while I know that death happens, I've been there long enough to see some of the residents go, it's still hard to see. One lady, who is 103 years old, is going to pass soon. And it's sad, and hard, but still good. She is in pain, all over. Her sister and brother whom also live at the home, really do not want to see her linger any more. She's stopped eating, hasn't for a couple of days, and that's usually a sign around the home that a resident is going to pass.

It will be strange to clean her room and not see her in her chair anymore or to hear her call "YouHoo" when she wanted someone's attention. I know I'm going to cry. But she's in pain and it would be a relief for her. And at 103 years of age, she's lived a good, long life. It's just really hard.